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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Yeah, it pissed me when i read abt the blog and other ppls comments. Well, think we might fail as a grp, but please dun ever include me into the failing part. Cos i always put in effort instead of absenting myself. Thus isnt it unfair for me if u said we failed as a grp?

Im nt trying to point finger to any 1 of you. But if u are guilty enough to admit you didnt put in effort, then i think we can understand. Rather than u didnt care abt anything.

I seriously dunno how we score, but frm wat other ppl's view and comments, we did quite well. Surprisingly, we didnt get into finals. Yeah im quite sad about it, but since we got some 'encourage' frm others, i think im quite ok with it.

Too many excuses for too many ppl.

Alot of anger inside me, but i cant let out. I feel so loner.....

Today i abit nt on form, tt makes me worried for my future....

& get it movin'


Saturday, June 07, 2008

I swear this is the happiest birthday celebration i ever had.

6 june, Lo Chai Xia's birthday! Which actually falls on friday and my mood wasnt gd on the day be4 cos i knw i got to work! So fucking hell i cant celebrate much. So im just waiting for it to come n go.

12am: Ding dong ding dong! Finally my birthday, waited for ppl to msg, in the end.... Yunqian got to msg me 1st, follow by (HP MSG):

-Jasmine (the unexpected 1!)

Wah, alot of ppl HOR!!!! O, some of them actually wish me on msn!

-Eugene (i forced him)

Hmm....mayb theres more but i forgot! hehe, anyway, i went to slp ard 1 plus then woke up ard 8. Wasnt feeling well cos of the period (damn it ) and got some diarrhoea .

Supposingly meeting MR ZHU WEI KANG at 1 in suntec, but as i expected, he was late AGAIN. Was abit pissed cos i reminded him nt to late and still the old thing happened again. So finally got to eat pastamania ard 2, his treat! Was walk ard and bitching, then he got to do to indoor stadium to do sound test so i walk him to the busstop.

Rushed to orchard to meet SHOPIA!!!! Both of us meet up last min cos i told her i was alone when she sent the birthday msg. So she kelian me and come accompany shop until 6. I bought quite a few items. A Cardigan (grey) which cost me 20 bucks at Far easy Plaza and Sweet sweet taste perfume in Lucky Plaza. The perfume where i got it is frm the "saving king "(direct translate) frm channel 8! Super duper cheap can! i buy tt perfume for 36 bucks!!! Shopia and me was like..."OMG CHEAP DAO!~~~" Finally shopia cos her undergarment frm Topshop! Cute panties anyway~haha

Saw Yuren while shopping! Both of us was like looking at each other for 3 sec then realised is each other! Super retard face i can say! HAHAHA

NEXT STOP! Syco rehearsal. Reached there quite early but in the end also end early! Saw maryan n kenny...both of them very suspicious and i can guess sth is wrong liao cos they keep on asking me to stay back. So i just stay awhile when maryan asked me to la~ When i came out frm the hall when we finished, maryan passed me sunflower!!! OMG, nt mature yet but still very nice!~ Then after tt she brought me to the resting room and took out a cake! Its sooooooo surprising la!!! Really very touching leh....THANK U MARYAN N KENNY! So i cut the cake and wished, kenny was soooo pissed tt im done wif the cutting etc, haaha but he still eat the cake anyway~

Went out and saw a big grp of syco members and suddenly...minhui shouted " happy birthday chaixia!!~ happy birthday..~~(started singing)" . Wah i can tell u is really happy yet embarrassed k! hahaha!~~ but still appreciate her effort! haha~

Finally madeline's car reached n headed to Marina's HK cafe! Madeline was telling me tt only XP presented, is tt ok wif me..then i said of cos n im happy got ppl acompany. When i reached there, DA TA!!! YQ appeared!!! I was like..WTH!~~ HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA . I received a botique of flower, plus muffin ! Then when we r waiting for the food, yunqian was saying, "eh ltr got 8 ppl, nt enuff seats" THen i got suspicious, then she said their bf coming. Yq ltr carried said, " ahhh...i cant finished the toast", then i suan "ask ur bf la" then she immediately show those..EH....Then i said "U bluff rite!" hahaha!!! so funny la her expression! In the end yuan lai is engzhi n her fren!!!!!HOHOH!!! another surprise! i was like laughing away la! Then they put 21shape candle n sing for me...make me wear tt stupid celebration hat(which make me look like retard) and blow the candle! haha!!! Super funny and touching~~~Then after tt i wanted to secretly pay the bill, but stupid madeline go ask for free desert using the POSB card which i dun have! Then bo bian ask them pay.....hahahahaha

Ahhhh im so tired yet happy!!!! WOOO!~~~ Seriously this yr's birthday is the most happiest!

*PS my mum gave me angbao!! WOO WOO!~~~~~~~ O and really thanks those who celebrate my birthday!! WAHAHAHA!!!!~~~~~~And those who wished me yet i forgot to mention!!!

*I'll try to update when i got the picture

& get it movin'


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Achmed the Dead Terrorist

Recently, i got to knw this puppet show by Jeff Dunham, from a taiwanist blogger. blog is interesting..cos the writer use comics to descript the content, if u r interested, heres the link:

OK, The puppet show, hmm...i suppose its nt a puppet show, but u knw....the performer will 'speak' for the doll....omg,.i so lousy in descripting man. Anyway, i can guarantee u will laugh until u roll on the floor!!!!!! Heres the link:


Im sick...i dunno y, its just so sudden! The day be4...i was performing at indoor stadium, its nt hot...its nt cold, then the next day i got sore throat! WTF ritE? Then day passes, i nw got flu and cough....So xin ku lor..keep on coughing, still have to practice...-_-

Everything nw is so rush...i dun think i have the time to practice n play lor~~~ HAHA, going taiwan soon..i hope everything will b alright and i wun deprove so much for tt week! WEE~~~~

& get it movin'


Monday, April 21, 2008

Im so tired, im so tired, im so tireD!!!

Can u imagine i just got home frm work!? argh...its sunday n i have to work at nite...-_-, but tts ok la..since i always work 4 hrs for other days~:P .Tho i slp alot, but still cant satisfy myself, always feel like dozing off. I also realised i dun have time(or shld i say im lazy) to practice , u see i will start practice at 2.30...then will rest ard 5 n back to practice at 6, 7 have dinner then see my mood then continue practice. So i will only practice ard 4 hrs....NT ENOUGH!!!!! I can feel the tension in my hand~ haha! LAme...

I need a bf, i need a bf, i need a bf!!!

Tho i may look unconcern, but seriously im very troubled abt it la. U see...every 1 ard me is enjoying having a bf. But me?!?!?! Busying wif practices n more...seriously i envy theres some 1 there to guide make u laugh...wats best is he can satisfy watever u wan la. GD RITEEEEEE~ n im nt young anymore...shld really consider abt tt problem. LAoshi said i shld reflect abt y i dun have 1...mayb i too quiet or wat, but come on! my frens all knw i tok alot and behave like a tomboy!Eh...isnt tt the reason...

I need to slim down, i need to slim down, i need to slim down!!!

Ah.....stupid hell...tho i dun eat alot, but i gain alot frm the meal! WTH! I got shit out n still gain weight, unfair ritE?! LAst time i exercise so hard n no weight lost, nw i only eat abit more n i gain so much! So i need to slim down n wear nice nice...n b got guys jio~ O...and next yr my bro is getting married, so i must slim down n wear sth really different. My mum still say all the girls wear cheongsam then the atmosphere will b super gd. But my big said "if u gonna wear tt i wun appear in the dinner". Idiotic...

Im getting better! NO heart pain anymore! tt leads me i thinking too much?

& get it movin'


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pain attack

Has being busy wif co stuff, tho my working time is like 9-1 or less than tt, i still very tired! Imagine i got eye bags, unbelieveable....ROAR~~~

Worst of all, i put on weight, 2KG! I can sense the extra meat in my stomach, as well as the swollen face of mine...

Im glag tt jasmine has being enjoying(?) her attachment life in hainan island, didnt see her online so i just email her abt my life too.

My heart condition has gone worst, the pain is like coming every day and sometimes its unbearable. Like ytd, be4 mum n i go to John Little sales, the pain came n i cant do much movement, so basically i freeze on the sofa, afraid of the pain. But thinking i cant waste any time sitting there, i try to move n take my medicine. Even after i take my medicine, the pain doesnt really go off.

So nw basically, i trying to find time to see doctor, but then i cant, cos of the working time n my exam. I scare i need operation....and seriously the pain ytd almost get me a heart attack.

Thus, i wanna live my life to the fullest. So is uni tt important? Not to me.

& get it movin'


Saturday, March 15, 2008 long nv post. But i dunno wat to post also, cos was really very very busy wif my own stuff, will blog when its over k? haha~

Anyway, nw my life just part timing for money la, or else hw can i survive rite! Tsk tsk tsk...and yes! finally went to watch a movie after soooooooo long.

Watched it wif jas n her mum, and i was very scare at 1st but still very tempted to just dun care n bought the tic. And finally i can drive by myself~~~ But i scare i will bang my car so i went to fetch them 1st be4 going to tamp carpark. Yeah, mount n strike kerb a few times, so scary...but overall...its ok de!!! Will improve in future..

Well...rule #1 was super duper nice! Its just nt like those stupid horror show where they ghost just appear here n there n then u SCREAM! This movie's story is very..obvious? or shld i say well planned? AH..anything la...just very worth watching! i love it...the impact of the movie is big me~

Back to life, im glad tt things has being getting better~ i hope things will nv change..serious! or change for the better la.haiz~~~~

FRIENDS! PLEASE SUPPORT ME BY BUYING THE CONCERT TICKETS FOR THE AUGSUT CONCERT!!! yah i knw is still long la..but promote 1st will help u knw?! Some of the ppl alrdy knw n said sth like..die die will watch, but some of them..i rather they dun watch!!!!! Cos i knw nth gd will come out frm their mouth! OOPz

Nw i think i getting fatter or unhealthier cos i nv go yogA~~ but if i continue to go yoga nw, i will tired to death can...haha~~~

Shall update when im more happy!!

& get it movin'


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

hi everybody! Long time no see. I totally no mood to blog, tts y i leave it there dead. quite a few frens alrdy celebrated their 21st birthday, for me...i didnt plan to cos i dun have the money n time! Like wtf la...mayb try to jio some frens to clubbing then ok le lor...

Damien's party was fun! i got to tok alot to many ppl and i alrdy told damien i will knw half of the population there, he didnt believe it.

Happy valentine day for those couples. I not planning to celebrate, moreover i need to do things tml! So just enjoy yourselves!

Hmm.....mayb to some of u is gd news, but i knw my frens will knw its bad news.

I think i might die 1 day cos of heart attack. I dunno why my chest will get the pain since chinese new yr. It comes 1 time per day and it continue until today. Tho i alrdy see the doctor and she said its kinda normal for tt...i even have the screening for my heart! But then still my heart is still getting the pain...I dun wish to die early, and i did alot of exercise~! ARgh...y me. bye my fren...hope i get well soon!

& get it movin'


Friday, January 18, 2008

Treasure your life

O turing this blog into a bible! Hey, im nt a christian so dun worry, moreover i dun trust any religion(free-thinker). Sometimes life is unpredictable, i knw most of you will agree, u fully understand the meaning?

Example 1:

This handsome guy here is a singer, he's from thailand. He artist name is Big from the group D2B. D2b is a very famous and popular grp in thailand, however, he got into an accident and he got dumped to a pool of polluted water, which causes bateria infection in his brain, lung and blood. After that, he went coma for 4 yrs. He did wake up be4, but i guess his condition got worst and went into coma.

After taking care of him for so long, he died on 9th dec 2007 because he didnt have any reaction to the medicine anymore. And he died when he's 25, means he got into the accident when he is 21

Example 2:

Still remember her rite?! She also died in a very young
age...very very sad, and also during the peak of her career.

Example 3:

As usual, Uncle tony, pozhu and I went to the IMH home on thurs to teach them yoga. Everything is fine and uncle tony they all are very excited abt the outing on saturday, which is bringing them to the coffee shop to eat. So we went up to 4th floor and standby ourselves. Uncle tony called a name, which i nt very sure who is it la, then suddenly the stuff said sth to him

He is dead, he died on tue nite.

Can you imagine how shocking this news is to us? Although we are just there to help, but u definitely will b sad when some 1 u familiar passed away. Moreover that uncle very cheerful, he always shouted "Jia Mee, jia mee"(eat noodle) when do yoga, and tt outing setted up becos of him. Haiz, he didnt wait for a few more days ....

So, do watever u can when u're alive, u wun knw wat will happen next.

& get it movin'


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Security & Dream

Which will u choose?!

Recently getting more vexed, cos i have to decide on sth which might affect my wholelife...ok well, is a crucial decision to me. Im very troubled until i cant slp well,yeah, surprised that some 1 like me cant slp well ritE! Tho i slp like 12 hrs..... Im really sorry to my family, i knw they care abt me but the method they use is abit...wrong. I love u all but i cant bring myself to show it.

Recently, im in love wif korean stuff...seriously in love! So i hope if i got the money and time i would go learn korean and next time i can go travel wif my frens! Sounds cool rite, well, i need to settle the thing rite here now.

New Korea Band introduce (recommend): FT Island (go look out for them if u trust me)

So again, security and dream, which will u choose? (pls tag!)

MC king passed away, is tt a reminder to all of us tt we shld treasure every 1 around us?

New yr new beginning, i love staying at home

& get it movin'


Sunday, December 30, 2007

From love to hatred.

Still rmb i used to love this instrument and felt hw nice can an instrument can be, but now, practice seems to be a mission to me.

Last time i would take out all my time to practice cos i love it? But now seems like i must practice due to stress. Argh, im so stress...i canyt practice nw cos my string snap, and means i have to spend money again to buy strings. I envy those rich families who can afford to support their child anything, seriously anything! Now i felt im wasting my money on these stuff....and i nt going to play tt after the concerto.

Every 1 felt great for the new year, but im not, cos i have to spend more money for the unnecessary. 1st, the taiwan trip, to some of you might think its a great opportunity to go overseas and perform, but to me is a waste of money (again). Wat you will do therE? perform...Wat you get? Experience? is it really needed for me? well..i can say no. I rather staying home and ok being left out from the grp photos. Sometimes i really felt im forced to do things.

2nd is due to the concerto. Aiya...scold me idiot or watever you wan, cos me myself also think im an propose the concerto which i cant perform well! If i can perform well...mayb god is helping me la, if nt i think its obvious, cos i cant play well....2008, bad yr for me. Nvm...all these will get thru after august.But i will try my best to do it well...cos tts wat i wanna do

O...Great...2008 also a start of uni for me. SHIT, im forced again la, study study study, 1 day i will get mad n go ard shouting n laughing w/o any reason. Scary isnt it. When ppl getting older, they tend to miss their path , unless they alrdy secure it.ROAR

Now, wat i wan to do, my parents dun like it..or simply object nt happy.
I love u.

& get it movin'


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My greatest wish now is to :

Give up everything and start totally new in another country. Yes, EVERYTHING. I have no strength to really blog out abt my feeling, i also dun wish to say out my problem, like got any use.

Not i wan to complaint abt friends, but mayb my definition of friends is really different from all of you...Im always a mirror. If you cant be bother, so am I. Stop pouring cold water to me when your life is worst than mine, stop pretending that you cared abt me, stop trying to dig sth from me. Wat i wan is really easy, a support...a really sincere support, even if i cant make it, i wish to hear some encourage from u all. Do u all knw tt?

i love staying home doing nth, of cos not forever...i hope to do wat i really wan, but then, im tied up. But once i stay home for too long, i will think of suicide, its really a great great hint that im having depression. Another thing is i always have the tendency to cry once i think abt my life. Yar, thanks to depression....

I always laugh and look down on those people who really suicide or think of suicide, but then im wrong...sometimes when u r really troubled to the extend of cant control, u tend to think tt way ah, im wrong im wrong k. I'll promised not to look down on them.

Let me tell you my plan on xmas eve n xmas: Buy chicken and eat!

Everything will be decided on 20th.

PS: any 1 wan to go overseas study pls find me: korea n taiwan preferred

& get it movin'


Sunday, December 16, 2007

I felt so cheated

Seriously im so wrong, to trust ppl.

I promised i will nv tell any body abt my stuff.


Kill me if i cant do anything in the 1st place

I think i got depression.

& get it movin'


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Im serious this time, if u all dun let me do, i will do it myself.

Since u all die die wan me to be in the cage, i will struggle out the cage and fly, even if i die outside, at least im doing wat i like

I feel tt my future is in darkness, i cant do anything.

I've decided, but i need help. Please, help me

This is nt child play anymore.

& get it movin'


Sunday, December 09, 2007

I really feel like ending my life now, means commit suicide. Wats the use when i cant even do wat i wan?! Im like a bird in a cage, i cant fly to the sky , i can only eat and die in the cage, if tts the case, might as well die rite. So working life is wat you all wan me to do afterall.

I will always rmb wat u said "its very gd to let you play zhongruan and CO alrdy"

Why cant u all support me

I feel useless, i wanna run away from home.

Its a lie afterall.

Sad entry end here.


Finally got to knw or get closer to NYP ppl, due to the outing organised by jasmine!

Went to far east for dinner, ate the chicken rice there. Seriously i recommend ppl go and eat! its nice!~~~ Well, mayb its kinda normal for some of you, but i think its worth it alrdy! hohohohoh

Today performed at the esplanade and the audience is like...nt active at all! They dun shout encore, dun clap long enough! ROAR, hw can rite! But we overtime, means we exceed the performance time ard 15 mins. So we didnt get to perform the encore~~

After tt we went to eat the SPICY RAMAN! OMg, soooooooooo spicy! My mouth got abit swollen after tt lor...haha~ next time can sabo ppl alrdy....

I still have no idea whether to perform the annual concert anot...Ah...which shld i choose also: Xmas Party or Voluntary Xmas Party!? tsk tsk tsk

*lazy to upload photos....waiting for photos tho~~

& get it movin'


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Finally back from NYPCO practice and great, i missed my last bus, so i go and take MRT & Bus 9 to go home. SOOOO troublesome, if only i can drive...........

Everytime i go nyp practice i will feel more happy! Becos i got to play with my friends~~ hahaa. I almost break my waist when playing with liyi, cos we both were discussing about the yoga pose and i demostrate her the "wheel":

Wahhaaha~look difficult rite! Some of them got a shocked when i do this, cos they didnt expect im so FLEXIBLE!!! Btw, i bend down from STANDING, not from lying position k

Speaking of yoga, theres a TTC(Teacher Training Course) on march, im wondering shld i get invovled in this course. Seriously i feel like going for the exam, but when i think of the money...tsk tsk tsk, kinda speechless. But if i confirm going this course, i need to earn money alrdy. Imagine, chaixia is a YOGA TEACHER/INSTRUCTOR !(dun u laugh)

Yes, introducing something nice to u! Mad Tv is a american show, where they imitate those very "hot" series or movies like "lost", "Grey Anatony", "Desperate Housewives" and even "Terminator" ! But of course they make it in a very very funny way so you will laugh like hell la! I still remembe when i 1st got in touch with this show is in Sydney...i watched it in the hotel room and seriously i laugh like hell when i watch it. My bro said its lame and stupid but i dun think so! So why dun u all watch it and think about it





And many many more, im just lazy to really list out 1 by 1....other than those series and movies, they still got other topics like "3 Minutes Meal", which is super super hilarious! The link is


& get it movin'


Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Im sick for this week!!!! or shld i say the days where i didnt blog?~

Terrible i can say....then feel very sian , so walk here n there, in the end my illness got worst! SO im still here resting...

Mayb its time for me to find a new job again?

Great, troubles r here again...i have to think again!!!

Leave me alone will u?

Please think abt me, im sick and troubled.

Shldnt say more, will blog next time.....

*Im looking forward for the performance!!!

& get it movin'


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

U knw, sometimes things that happened can be pretty amazing.

Got a very very bad feeling in the morning and realised i got a sore throat, kinda serious sore throat....So i quickly got up and drink those "medicine" (Pi pa gao). I went back to slp abit as i feel very weak. Woke up and prepare for my grading examination!

I wasnt feeling gd ..or shld i say feeling very angry & unhappy. My throat causes me alot of pain! And i think tt leads to my weak body, so the journey to NAFA is kinda terrible for me...But heng my daddy called me to encourage and checking on my welfare be4 i step out of my house~

Let me tell u frankly...i really really flopped on the grading examination! As usual i flopped for "shan ge". I dunno wat happening to me, but when i on those major event, like exam or competition, i will go completely nervous and doesnt play well(even tho i dun feel nervous for this time, but still...haiz~). Was feeling super down when i come out of the room..keep on thinking "GONE GONE!". Though minhui and kenny said its quite ok, but i cant relax..

But guess wat?



& get it movin'


Monday, November 26, 2007

argh...i didnt blog for so many days again! ok, my bad!

Didnt have the mood to blog cos im worried abt my grading exam! Its on wednesday and seriously i dun think im well prepared...tho some of them said i can do it, but i dun think tt way.

Haiz, great, i dunno whether im in the depression mood again or wat, cos im feeling useless again! I'm having the feeling that im wasting my life away, isnt it?

If i have alot of money, i sure go join alot of classes like, singing class, piano class, dancing class and many many more! Cos i love it...But i no money!

My friend said: Tts y you need money

But, my thoughts: U need time to earn money, but you need the time to learn sth too isnt it?

So u have to offset sth in order to gain sth! so i will nv nv nv satisfy with the things now, unless i have my own career(impossible)

However i will still try my best to look out for opportunity!


& get it movin'


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Today is a...special day!

Able to be volunteer again, but this time round not to the Community Center. We went to the Mental Hospital.

Some of the scary things/comments i heard be4 i go there:

1) When u go in, its like the scene of RESIDENT EVIL

2) They will stare at you, so dun stare back

3) You might feel uncomfortable


5) No woman, all students are male

Things that i worried:

1) They are REALLY under control, cos sometimes its difficult to say yar...

2) Am i able to guide them?

I was quite excited and kinda scared be4 i go there... but when i reached there, i felt everything is kinda different!

1stly, i dun feel any resident evil atmosphere and i dun feel uncomfortable. Pozhu thought im scared at 1st, but seriously, a little becos of the new environment. So when Mr goh start teaching..things getting difficult....

-Sometimes the pace is abit too fast, so when i want to correct them, they are on the next move

-They might not do wat you told them to, so you have to move to correct instead

-Some of them have to wait a few seconds be4 they do the next action

Ok, these are the general 1 k...Most of u all sure think that if you are in my shoe, u will b scared rite? But, im angry instead....

Got this uncle ah, i tell him, he nv i move him la..but as i said eariler, some steps changed quite fast, so i just quite lazy to move him and let him do it himself. In the end he point to me and said something! But i cant heard cos Mr goh is continue teaching, so i just "orh" then nv care le. So after awhile i go help him again, he asked me "Who are you!?", so i kind of angry and said "new comer"(i knw it shld b helper, but i just cant think well tt time, haha). Then after that i didnt go help him le. But got a time he turn his head to my area n stay there quite a moment, so i thought "is he going to hit me?im nt scared anyway." this is the incident, but i wun freak out just becos of this k! JIAYOU

O...i also found out the staff there are sooooo handsome! I think i saw 1 or 2 that are *thumbs up! So i continue go there becos of them...hohoho~~~~

Sometimes, voluntary work can be interesting yar?

Smile~hei hei hei~

& get it movin'


Monday, November 19, 2007

I dun understand why i exercised so much...yet i didnt manager to slim down! My weight still the same!!!! Or izzit my weighing machine spoilt?

O....monday monday monday, but i dun have monday blues la, cos i dun have to work (oppz). But when i wake up...i suddenly got lots of flash back, but more on to the financial part, like my dad paid for my sch fees etc. Got abit of depress when i thought of this, cos thinking when can i repay the money to my parents back? Felt like im not a filial daughter.....Mayb some of you might say im thinking too much n early cos nw im still 20 yr old, but but but...just felt im useless

Suddenly...i love to exercise...mayb becos i think tt will make me more healthy la, another reason is..i can slim down! WAHAHAHA...ok i knw its lame but u can come and find me to exercise with you if you wan! (Dancing prefered)hoho~

O! Something scary happened today. I saw car accident today! But is a minor 1 la.....Kind of scary cos of the banging sound. Its exactly the sound you hear from television! This reminds me of careful driving...sometimes i think i will bang cars too becos im nt use to the brake!


Well, ytd when i watching u tube videos, i came across this "Kang xi lai le" ...then this episode is about celebrities met ghost, so all of them tok about ghost story or rather their own experience la. Quite scary for some and im lucky that i didnt involve in these things...Pray pray...

The link is:

This is the Part A, for other parts..i sure u knw hw to do. If dun...then...i cant help it! haha!


& get it movin'


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Finally got to drive ytd, but instead of driving to bedok, i drove back. Cos i scare of banging down those ah bu nei infront of my car....My mum scolded me for turning the steering too much as she keep on hearing the "gor gor" sound. She said i will spoil the sterring wheel! But this is my 1st time driving our car mummy....I will become better la, but i have no chance to prove it ! I wish to drive more...i nw love driving liao~~ But i still feel my driving skill abit shaking...hahah~

I dunno y i got so many blue blacks. Got 2 on my knee and 1 of my hand! Is it becos my blood circulation too gd?! wahaha...but i can some hw gurantee my knee's blue black were caused by the yoga!Too much Moon salutation .... I must b more gentle la, or else im gonna suffer man!

Wow~recently, i got hooked by this (or shld i say, finished watching this?):


Sorry, but im super lazy to explain the storyline to u if u really wan to knw..go n search online k!

Ah...really nice show! But i think "Goong" is still better than this show....hoho. This show was really funny la, and its really gd that all of them are very united as the last episode will show how all of them work and play! I will recommend all of you to watch it, becos:

1) The storyline is gd

2) Its funny !

3) Its cute to see both the actor and actress "play" with each other












Actually there are only 4 guys who i think is more suitable for our taste la...(cos coffee prince actually include the old man in, so i decided to exclude him from the "handsome guys" category) Among them, i prefer him....*shy

KIM DONG WOOK!!!! or wook dong?

He is super cute in the show, cos he keep on shouting for the main actress "MY Chan!, My Chan!" hehehe....and his voice is kinda unique thus catches my attention la~~~so cute......

IM A...........


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Thursday, November 15, 2007

After such a long "rest", i finally got a bit of time to update my life. I dun like to upabit like a paragraph or even a sentence about wat i did, cos...i dun like it, as in if i go back and read my own stuff, i wish to knw more la. So i might as well dun update.

These few mths....nth really interesting, nor im happy.

Gotten this job in a small company, and i was offered this job on the day of interview. I warn all of u k....dun ever take a job on the spot if u nt comfortable of the interview process, becos your feeling is always rite!!!!! Damn it man, i dunno y i go take up this job when i feel super uncomfortable. I was right la, this job really torture the end, i quit after 2 mths. For your info, their staff will nv work over 3 mths! hohoho~~~~~

These few mths.....i've put alot of things aside..

I didnt really get active in CO becos nth really on! ok im lame.

Sometimes i do wan to have a break from CO, becos......i think my frens knw.

Hmm,....actually, wat i really wan to nt a normall office worker, nt a tution teacher, nt a...musician...but something else tt interests me more, i think my frens knw.
GREAT GREAT GREAT~!!! MY COUSINS GOT MARRIED! Actually nt only 1 got married, another 1 is just held those ceremony for their family sake.

Went back to Malaysia on 11/11/07, which is Sunday, with my family plus my Big Bro GF. Reached there ard....9am. Is really a very tiring journey, cos i didnt get enough slp the day be4, so was simply dozing off la. When time is up, we went to my cousin A house to say hello, but then my cousin went out to "pick" his wife.

After tt we went to Cousin B house for "tea session"(is tt wat u call?). OMG, the weather was very very very hot tt i sweating NON STOP!!!!!! ok...overall, fun! Got to tok to my long lost cousins...hohoho~


The car

My long lost cousin, I wear very ugly!


My another cousin! I look super happy hor

The...elderly photo. haha~

Lovely husband n wife~

The joke of the day:
Auntie L was very very excited in Cousin A's house and she heard that Cousin B's Car is going to approach to Cousin A's house. At tt moment, she heard "BOR BOR!", she rushed to the door step and was ready to do the SUPER WAVE action. Finally she saw the car and she wave like no body business! Auntie L's Family quickly find out whats the people reaction in the car, but....instead of smiling back, theres no expression on their face! At this moment, Uncle L said, "that is another family's car, there are holding wedding dinner tonite too." Immediately, every 1 laughed at Auntie L and she didnt dare to do it when Cousin B's car drive over....
Good News for my friends!

After so long of driving lesson, i finally got my license!!!

I knw its very unclear, but just to show you my result slip! YAHOO!!!!!!

SO shiok when u knw u passed and its a very difficult exam k! Imagine, got 16 people taking this test, in the end only 7-8 people passed and im 1 of them! 1st timer some more...ahha~~~

But then i haven got a chance to drive out cos my family very busy, all of them no time to accompany me or shld i say..for my probation period? But no matter wat, i got my license! i think now my friends ard me looking at me in hunger , hoping i will fetch them. No worries k, if i think you worth my ride, then i will fetch u de.
Ytd went NYP for their practice, at 1st didnt want to go becos im quite..sian, but after looking at the calender, i realised not many practices left for me, thus...i went.

Quite a no. of people got shocked about my hair, people like raymond, kenny, keon, liyi...i think some how got shocked, can see from their expression or even behavior! hahahaa~well...too bad i gonna rush home, or else i will tok more to them la. Didnt really expect they will still tok to me, touched~~

Feel like writting somemore, but i cant rmb wat to type!!!!!!

Anyway, thankssssssssss

PS: Damien, put "active" for my blog link!

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

So long didnt update, i hope u all dun think tt my blog is dead!

Well, i got myself a job, tho the title put "admin n event coordinator", but i was doing accounting la....abit pissed off but for the sake of monney, just keep on doing lor...Worst of all, i only got 1400 a mth....

Today just got back frm M'sia becos my uncle was celebrating his 60th birthday. Haha, toked alot of my cousins and it was really fun la. I bought a few donuts back, but when we reached, all of us were busy changing n preparing to go to the resturant. So u just place it on the table.

GUESS WAT, when i come back, i open it up....


Damn it...really feel like shouting out at tt moment!!!! all delicious donuts just throw away!!!!!!!!!
*CRY! watching constantine, my favourite boy is acting!!!

O yar...UTT is my favourite too! MUACK

*update next time

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

The happier day
ARGH!!! y i no money!!!!! (yar i knw again)


This evening, i suddenly got the feel to read xiaxue's blog, realised she got herself lots n lots of stuffs!!! omg...all frm i also have the urge to look for some nice stuff la, so in the end i attracted to this :


super duper nice lar! So i quickly go and convert the price of US to Sing and got this :

current bid :20us

Postage :15us

TOTAL IN SING :60 bucks (around)

OMG! is tt consider cheap?! well i think is consider kinda cheap liao...rmb i once saw 1 swimwear in the "lalalingerie" website? tt cost ard 80 bucks la! tempted and confused, i asked the ppl ard
1st victim: Jasmine lie
*the conversation is written by memory

Me: hey, u think i shld buy this swimwear? (showing her the pic)

Jas:Hmm....i dunno leh...

Me: very nice rite!!!!

Jas: yar...But im nt trying to be mean

Me: U R MEAN, u trying to say i no figure rite?

Jas: this swimwear is more for those big boobs 1

Me: AHHH...i can only blame myself for no big boobs can...... (depressed)

Victim 2: Madeline Goh

Me: U think i shld buy this swimwear anot?(again showing her the pic)

Mad: No u shld not

Me:Y?! Becos i no big breast!? but is super nice leh

Mad:1st nt worth it, 2nd u dun need it, 3rd very expensive

Me: *super depressed
So end up i didnt buy tt swimwear...i can only DROOL.......SAD!

Today, i went to Kim seng CC to guide the elderly!!! well...this time is much better just tt there is a auntie who is super irritating la. She wants to start on time but yet the qay she request is kinda rule la

:Hello lao shi, its time to start liao, can we start.

:*to other students* IF u all wan to ask question ltr then ask, dun ask during the lesson

:*to other students again* U all dun tok during the lesson k

OMG, super rude la, i mean...all of the students r elderly, so they will like to tok more, even me love to tok, just let them ask qns n have fun nt gd meh!? She is abit too serious la....

After the social work, pozhu n i went back to the temple wif anthony n tony, we toked and our guess is correct! wahaha

Hmmmmmm...trying to saiko pozhu to accompany to the instructor course...POZHU, i knw u will read k! GO WIF ME LA~~~~~~Gu Ji gu ji~~~~

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

i dun understand, i dun fucking understand, y so many things make me angry

Some agencies are super lousy la,anyway they always claim they r the best la, but seriously they are not. Well, 1stly they said i nt keen to have tt job n just reject me w/o even INFORMED ME. I dun even realised i sound nt keen! wahaha, funny rite..ppl thinks i sound nt keen..mayb i must act like those ppl who won TOTO, so must be super excited voice la. The agent also stupid until said she will call me in the end nv call la, so means i have to call back everytime huh! CRAZY! FUCK OFF

Then this time round i didnt even call for any "help" ! they called me back AUTOMATICALLY! very effiicient hor?! TOO LATE! shit u all ppl! Ok lar, the stupid agent n agency is KELLY SERVICES! This agency helped me be4, but seriously these incident make me soooooo pissed off!


Anyway, i learnt HEADSTAND during YOGA!!! n pozhu still time we can teach ppl headstand n we will be the "HEADSTAND SISTER" haha!!!oopz...

AIYA...i will try to relax k...tho i heard alot of rumours/facts...but easily work up type....hahaha!


O! i cut my hair!!!

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

im so angry n tired, so i dun wanna blog abt it

Anyway i got my money! i earned 120 bucks, but i think i it will b gone after today....i wish to buy a nike dunk but..its so exp!!!

i need to save n find a job...but....surely have to work for long hrs! then hw do i practice!!?!?!? Abit regret to propose the concerto XP

ARGH, i need ppl for the stupid performance too


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Monday, August 27, 2007

WEE!!~~~ i won 8 bucks n above!!!!

Yeah, today had mahjong session at some 1 house and it was super duper fun!!! haha!!! laugh thru-out tired after tt!~ SO im truely the MAHJONG DIVA! WAHAHAHAHA~~~ went to CS also, but after tt found out tt i didnt have to go cos they r preparin for the sept performance! so i was abit sian but heng i woke up late so in the end also didnt waste too much time la. Got to knw the concerto is moving to next yr instead the following yr! means i have lesser time to fuck up! i sure flop....

On friday, i went to kim sim CC to help out my yoga teacher for his lesson. Tt lesson is for the oldies and all of them love to tok!!! so most of the time they r toking instead of doing la...but they r pro k! All of them can touch their legs when bending down! My instructor also asked me whether im interested to be a yoga teacher, only need to go for a 3 mths course and TADA, im a yoga instructor. Sounds fun n interesting n easy!? Think deeper, i have to keep on practicing my yoga so tt i can keep up wif all those difficult poses and im i really can teach? is also a problem ah......tsk tsk tsk

Any way i got to knw alot of gossips and freakly speaking...I LOVE IT!

O....suddenly got the urge to shout : I HATE U!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY! Ruan concert is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *run ard jumping! TOO BAD I DUN HAVE ANY PHOTOS TO UPLOAD!

Had received alot of gd comments tt the concert is gd and im glad tt alot of ppl enjoyed themselves!!! Ah~~ and having a concert in SCH by ensemble is amazing!!! cos alot of ppl were there and the clapping sound is obviously louder than be4!!! AH~~~~ hahaha! super happy

Wats great is tt....I RECEVIED FLOWERS AGAIN!!! AH~~~~~~~~~ this time, its from 1 of the guest on stage, if im nt wrong is esther's father....he gave the flowers to me. Next is flowers frm lovely sweetie (MR D) and gang! Thanks alot man!!! i really appreciate it! AH~~~~~~

Tt nite i didnt went supper wif laoshi they all...becos i can feel tt my parents are nt comfortable eating wif them, so i suggested tt we went to eat ourselves instead. So we went to the hongkong cafe in hougang and we eat alot!!!! This included :

1) Noodle

2) Bee hoon

3) Porridge

4) Dumplings

5) Fried wanton

6) Kopi Gao

7) Milk Tea

WOO....finished by 3 of us lor...amazingly! hahaha~~~~

Today, went to work at FORUM the shopping mall....omg...imagine u have to keep calling for ppl for 4 hrs!!! ahh~~~ tedious man....tho they said tt the list they gave me is just to reconfirm attendance, yet alot of ppl nt interested! is like..WTF!? at 1st i tho i can easily have 40 ppl attending event, in the end, i dun get 20 ppl! Can u imagine hw idiotic it is!? I have no idea whether is the previous caller's fault or the customers' fault......

ROAR~~~~ eat alot man...i shld slim down! MADELINE, dun let me eat anything again!!!

*pray for clubbing on fri.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007


I dun understand y my family members dun understand my situation n keep on saying me as if im 3 yrs old. I fucking hate this kind of attitude, i had enough n i fucking swear i will buy myself a car. I fucking hate my life nw. I knw things will b better after this concert end. I fucking hate this concert. I fucking hate i dun have money. I fucking hate the feeling of being broke. I fucking dislike being tied up. I fucking hate being a SL. I fucking hate SMS to tanpoyue ppl. I fucking hate to do everything

I've being keeping quiet for everything, even when i tell my problems to some of them, i manage nt to cry out, i fucking hate crying out infront of frens.

More to say, less to feel. Im numb

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Always presumed pub n club is a very bad place, but have u ever think of me. I need money, i need more than anything

Introducing this job refers to i having bad frens!? WTF!?


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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thank xiuhua for helping me to buy ADIDAS JACKET!!!! ahh~~~ i love her so much!! and guess wat? the jacket cost me 4o bucks onlY!ROAR!~~~~WAHAHAA

YOGA was super super super torturing lor....sometimes really feel like giving up, moreover u have to practice in order to do all those difficult poses! argh, hw can i when i need to practice zr also!? ahhh...i need to do some time management also!!!KEKEE

Nwadays i keep on watching doucmentary show like the 1 damien introduced to me, i long wanted to watch tt and really great tt im able to watch it!!!

If u r curious or eager to knw where to watch, here it is!

ENJOY!!!! I super recommend u all to watch abt north korea! 1 day i will try to blog abt it, tho i think i will more angry when blogging....

Today had my 3rd lesson and yes! i booked my test for practical le!!! If everything is smooth, im able to get my license on nov, guys if u wanna sit TOYOTA WISH, pls buy insurance 1st (like wat madeline said!)

Funny incidents and conversations btwn drivers and instructors

Incident 1)

Student P was driving and when she wan to change gear, she accidentally grab on instructor A's Leg! So instructor A got so shock and said, " OMG, dun any hw touch and grab, wait u touch my BROTHERHOOD hw!"

Incident 2)

Student C was driving and when she drive, instructor M asked her, "Have u ever drive or say that this is ur 1st time driving?". "1st time" replied by student C. Instructor M look confused and continue "U sure?! Or u drive in car park be4!?". STudent C immediately said "NO!!"

Incident 3)

Student C was driving AGAIN, and as usual she going to change gear frm 1 to 2, she accidentally SLIP and hit on Instructor M's leg. Instructor M did "jump" abit and both student and instructor laugh....... But when student C changing gear again, instructor M started to narrow his leg when she do the changing.........

Incident 4)

Instructor M love to tok softly, yet laugh loudly when he said sth funny, so student C donno wat to do but laugh wif him.....

Incident 5)

Student P was driving along a road where on her left was a multi storey car park, so Instructor A said "go straight" and student P replied "of cos la, then u go multi storey carpark meh!". So the instructor wanna argue back by saying "wah, u so excited ah!" and student P trying to be naughty by saying "Of cos la! u wan to do in open car park i also nt scare ah!"

Of cos there is more funny incidents la, but then i cant really today i will stop here!!!

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Monday, August 13, 2007

sry for nt blogging for sooooooo long

Still didnt manage to recover frm the sickness..which include FEVER, SORE THROAT n FLU!!!! Is like...1 week n still nt yet fully recover, tho i went for yoga for 2 conservative days.

This week was rather...BAD, i mean really bad!

Ruan xian practice was nt gd for me, yes, kena scolding frm Conductor Ku, probably becos i didnt practice! I sick, hw can i practice!!! (ahhhh, excuses)Was nt in a mood on tt day and his face was so black tt i didnt even bother to apologise AGAIN, means i did apologise once and heng he didnt blow up la, cos he said "whoever make mistake again when play while standing!" , and yes, im the next who made mistake la........SUAY

This week, i went out wif madeline SO SO SO MANY TIMES tt i always kena scolding frm mum.....she said i went out till very late n i shldnt do tt cos im a gal~and the ghost festival is here so she wish me to stay at home instead. HEHEE, madeline, see tt?

Body was seriously aching all over ! OMG, n i swear i will blog more often ya?~~

*yoga is gd~

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

im having fever, highest thru the entire life :39.8


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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Exotic Dancer Name Is...


Exotic Dancer Name Generator

Sound sexy huh! wahahaha, but an idiot said its for ang mos, as if i care. Thanks terence for the quiz!

Well, was msn-ing david and when he saw this "name" of mine, they kept me sweetie, call me sweetie! when he is like...erm....a GUY.

ROAR, today is really crazy for me, ruanxian 10.30 to 6 and i have to rush down to tanah merah for some performance and its super stuffy n hot...........HELP ME!!!!!!!! And.....i...nt enough allllllllllllll

On friday, madeline,jason and me went to watch this:

I cant believe so many ppl scream lar! But i nv k....cos i always close my ears, hehehehee. But i recommend u all go watch tho some scenes r funny lar~ hahaha! GOGO!!!

Finally, everything is ok btwn us, and seriously im happy, very happy. Thanks for some of the ppl for hearing my problems! (tho some wun read this) And great that both of us tok out...just tt im nt the 1 intiate it when i wanted to huh...hahha...
This is nt nonsense, this is nt drama. The main point is " WE TOK OUT", have u ever?

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Nwadays, i've been addicted to this:

Xing guang pang

Its a singing competition variety show (is tt hw u say?) in taiwan, and so these r the top 8! Some of them r handsome but some r really.....hmm....cannot make it. BUT! All of them sing very nice.
Among the 8, i prefer these 2:


Weizhong dont look nice at all, but i can tell u...whenever he sings, he will touch u and then u will start crying. I didnt cry tho....haha~ The most amazing match for weizhong is here:

His voice is very attractive.

Yuwen look like a prince, he behave like a prince, so every call him Pan Wang Zi. His voice is nt those powerful kind, unlike weizhong's his voice is more of soft and gentle. Wanna knw more? Here is his video: (enjoy)

There is 1 mroe person i would like to recommend:


He is the champion of the competition, so no doubt he sing super nice. The favourite song will b this:

Got 1 part of it i almost cry, tooooooooo nice
Ytd went to NYP to have the AMIF celebration, so i reached there ard 4 15 and realised i shouldnt come so early!!! But heng charissa and wanyi accompany and keep toking to me so i wun feel tt boring. REalised tt will be food to eat,, i went there empty stomach and resulted in my stomach was "roaring" during the speech!!! ARgh, so embarrass but i dun think any 1 heard it. :P . Well done to terence that he done a great job being a MC, though he dun think so....haha~

Finally got to eat the food ard 6, i did enjoy the food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything there is just fun !

Being a very very very very vain gal, i will always go surf something nice for myself, this include....ermm.....lingerie

So Just nw, i went to surf some lingerie stuff online, and i found these :

Very very very very very very very very nice rite?!!?!?!?!
AH~~~~~~~~~ seriously i feel like buying it!!! Best of all, its on sales!!!! AH~~~~~~~~~~

Omg, super duper nice, and when i show it to pozhu, she said nice too! So i was thinking, whoever wanna buy the stuff there, i will buy these 2! WOO!~~~~sexy sexy baby~~~oopz

And frens, if u wan the URL, pls pls come n ask from me k?! I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS WEBSITE !

*Pray super hard for some jobs

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Wake up ard 10 and prepare myself, in the end i got my brother to fetch me there becos of the rain and partly becos i wanted to lar~~ hahaha :P
Reached at the SCH at 1 and prepare ourself for the rehearsal. Was kinda fun when preparing. But conductor hu didnt get thru the whole song of "DONG" , so i was kinda worried that our "da 3 lian yin" will flop.
After the rehearsal, its time for us to go out n tok n give the tics to frens, so i went out and look for yunqian as well as passing her the tics. Next was xiuping , who came wif congkai and me n demian were toking to them. Saw alot of familiar faces and did say HI to them. Im polite k~ haha
Then the concert start. I will say tt the concert is great lar! Tho nt say perfect, but the feeling is there....At 1st i feel super cold and i nearly cannot control my hand...Then yar, we DID FLOP at the "da 3 lian yin".
At the end of the concert, I really feel like crying, becos hu said sth, but i just bear wif it and smile thru the concert when playing the encores
After the concert, i quickly go take photograph wif hu and zheng lao shi:

Nice hor!

Then i faster go out, cos i meeting madeline they all for dinner. When i got to the 1st floor, i saw terence, yuenyee they all and lovely yuenyee gave me a cartoon flower!!! im super touch lor...ahha~~

The lovely gal who gave me the flower
grp photo!

Geverleine..dunno hw to spell ..haa~
The crazy 1! haha

Really very touch n happy that they come and give gd comments! wooo~~~~~
After tt, madeline, xiuping, yunqian, congkai, jason, kuangwen n me went to have our dinner, we went eastcoast and hell! we eat ALOT!!!! super full lor.....crap alot also, haha~
Next, we went to airport and chit chat, didnt really tok long cos yunqian was slpy when its 12 15. So...home sweet home!!!
im really happy, really, serious

*Yuren haven send me photo!!!

& get it movin'


Sunday, July 29, 2007

yahoo!~~~~~ finally back to blogging, seriously i have no mood to blog, but thinking of ppl like pozhu will love my blog to b here am i! wahahahahah

Basically everyday is jsut CO CO n CO! ahhhh....verry tired, but tml will b the concert!!! AHH...i still need to pia for ruan xian concert....roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

So actually after every practice, i felt very boring and so i decided to ask madeline out! But we went out on tue n friday(today). Tue we went to the hongkong cafe to have our dinner/supper, i ordered alot of food:

-french toast

-bee hoon

-fried dumplings

-milk tea

Is tt consider alot?! ahaha! when i finished the food...i just feel like...very bloated!!! When i got home, i just wanted to vomit but those food just stuck in btwn my stomach n mouth.

And today, we did more ridiculous things after we done wif our supper. We went to another hongkong cafe which is located at changi airport, i can tell u.....IT SUX!!!! dun ever dine in there k, u will REGRET!!!!! 1st the food is nt attractive enough tt i took very long time to decide which to eat n ended up eating only the desert! 2nd the food is nt nice at all, or mayb becos we ordered the wrong food or sth, the dim sum is...okok only but the desert is nice! i love it! O! dun ever try the lychee soda with ice cream, very gas-sy . 3rd the dim sum took very long to come and we waited there half dead n finally our over cooked sia-gao came. ROAR! everything there just...WRONG!

After tt...we decided to go around cos we dun feel like going home early, so madeline suggested tt we go changi to see AH KUA, so we go there n went those location where they can b found. Theres 2 place, along the road and inside the car park.

Those along the road are very very very pretty! I really feel like bringing them home! They are as pretty as her:

Irressistable! haha~~~

Well...those in the car park seriously CANNOT MAKE IT! super ugly and old and i told madeline "nan guai they must hide in the car park" . And they almost look like this:

After tt, we went to east coast and at 1st i didnt knw wats so nice abt there, but when we reached CAR PARK "H" , i finally realised hw interesting the place is.

Ok, if u r really interested, pls pls listen to the rule

When u enter the car park, PLS RMB TO SWITCH OFF UR HEAD LIGHTS

Tts the basic rule lar and u will see theres no head lights in the car park, becos.......


The couples are *ahem* MAKING LOVE.

BUT!!!! i cant see anything k....hahaha~~~ im still innocent~~~~

O...if u wanna try out *ahem* with ur partner, pls do 1 of the followings:

1 ) On the aircon to the strongest and coldest in order to make the windows blur

2 ) Stuff some newspaper on the windows

Tts wat i saw k......

I must really really thank madeline for providing me such a wonderful n interesting night! MUACK! haha~

*Wanted to blog more, but its late nw!!!roarrrrrrrrrrr

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